You're starting a what?!?!

I’m Jonathan Himmelwright, the Sandy Feet Rum Guy, and this is brief history on the creation of Sandy Feet Rum Co.

After a visit to a Bourbon distillery in Lexington KY in April of 2016, my wife (Paula - the Sandy Feet Rum Girl), and I decided we would start a Rum Company. This life changing decision was made on the beach, where all great decisions are made. It was a week after our distillery visit while lounging on our hometown beach of Lauderdale By The Sea. After, lets say “a few” rum laced drinks, the idea was hatched, and blurted out like the answer to a trivia question. It was one of those defining moments, when you have a spark of an idea, and are actually dead serious about it; albeit a bit clueless and buzzed.

Did we have any idea at the time how to do it you ask? Nope! To be honest, for those that knew us, this shouldn’t have really come as a big shock at all. Paula and I have always been risk takers, and not afraid to step outside ourselves. It’s another great adventure for us. We always say “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”.

Within a short period of time we procured used Bourbon barrels from the distillery in Lexington, and with some help formulated a Rum mash and ran our first 150 gallons of 130 proof Rum. Sandy Feet Rum Company became a reality in October of 2016, right after Hurricane Matthew, with the filling of 6 Bourbon barrels.

What is going to make us unique is our passion for travel, flavors, design, and exceptional quality. In addition to creative flavors we plan to offer barrel ageing projects. Stay tuned and come along on our adventure.

See you on the beach - Jonathan